Unfair Competition

The law Prohibits unfair competition related to acquiring and using exclusive rights to the means of individualization of a legal entity, differentiation of products, works or services (Article 10 of the Act). Russian legislation on unfair competition reproduces art. 1910 Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, to which is Russia. We give an example of judicial practices related to the fight against unfair competition. In late 1992, Moscow’s Bridal Shop has sold 20 thousand Chinese-made jeans with trademarks and other attributes of jeans known American firm Lsvi Ostrich. In television commercials but was informed that the jeans are sold the last production model of this company. Claims consumers to shop Bridal District Court in Moscow in early 1993 decided to terminate the contract sales, damages and compensation for moral damage caused by the sale of counterfeit goods.

The amount charged by the store in favor of every purchaser, entered the cost of these jeans in a Catch Strauss calculated parameters Dollars and compensation for moral damages. Article 1222 Civil Code provides a special rule of law to be applied in this area. It reads: To the obligations arising from unfair competition, apply the right country, the market is affected by such competition, unless otherwise provided by law or the obligation. The cis countries have cooperated in identifying and curbing abusive competition of economic entities (Article 2 of the Agreement on the Harmonization of antitrust policy on March 12, 1993). Increased use of the Internet has led to some serious problems. One of them – match domain Names used on the Internet to refer to the server, ie computer, providing the resources (information, files, disks, etc.) to other users for sharing in the network. Domain names – a system individualization of the virtual online world that exists like a parallel system of individualization of the real world, ie system, brand names and trademarks. There was a conflict situation. In our literature (AM ) was such an example: there is a page. Suffix – this is a standard notation for the St. Petersburg region.

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