Simply Brilliant Play And Learn At The Same Time

‘genialix 1 x 1’: the new, clever computer game for clever kids Nuremberg, in October 2011: elementary school students beware – now children and Zweitklasser can practice the multiplication tables playfully on the PC. By genialx games from Nuremberg there is now the new PC game genialix 1 x 1 for elementary school students. In five imaginatively crafted worlds, the players together with the genialix mascot dive the little, green monsters Grrr”in the world of the small multiplication table. Fear of the questioning was so yesterday: who plays regularly, can outdo themselves always in the highscore. Of course, 1 x 1 to the genialix ‘ various difficulty levels are set. So the fun factor is guaranteed – because with the Smart PC game sits nix the teaching material in no time! Here, everyone is playing”to the multiplication table professional. To obtain the game via the company’s website is genialix /. Here there is also a demo version for free Download.

And you’re as fit in the small multiplication table? Try it immediately! Video game: genialix games, which is the two-man strong Start-Up of Sonja Rottner and Stefan Hofmann, founded in May 2011. The two creative Nuremberg have fulfilled their dream of independence with genialix games and look forward, to develop commitment and Kow-how, clever and entertaining educational PC games for inquisitive children. Especially the computer game in the foreground stands apart from the actual content. To make it really fun, the subject matter in an exciting computer game is packed. For fun, it learns as you know the easiest way! “It will be interesting to see: the next computer educational game of Grrr’s adventures on Malaxia” around the entire mathematics learning of second class (plus/minus, time / split, geometry, clock/calendar and calculate with sizes) will be released before Christmas also. “Especially smart: the hand-stitched fabric Monster Pico”, also beyond the Website can be ordered. There’s also all sorts of colorful such as puzzles, tips and tricks, craft instructions, timetables u.v.m. free download. genialix games, Sonja Rottner

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