Serengeti-road Only-crisis Or Opportunity?

Analysis on the State of negotiations to the Serengeti road”according to the differing views on the Internet about the State of negotiations to the Serengeti road and the recent clarification by Federal Minister niebel: the Tanzanian Government showed up in Paris open to include alternatives (to the Serengeti road”) in the planning. is it perhaps time to consider the facts once sober and rear lights. Introduction a sober contemplation, which ultimately led to the planning of the Serengeti road, or they prevent could, is only possible if one includes the economic development of both countries of the Serengeti, Tanzania and Kenya. The greater part of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is indeed located on fully territory, Kenya is the most important part but with the particularly fragile Maasai Mara during the roughly three-month dry season in the Serengeti. In addition, the Mara River is the main water reservoir in the Northern ecosystem. Background Kenya has since its Independence a form of capitalist Government, while Tanzania until about 20 years ago in the socialism before himself and dawned. This meant that Kenya through much more massive aid from the Western world and could become a much better infrastructure of East Africa’s strongest economy.

Kenya’s economic strength is approximately twice as high as that of Tanzania. This has since the construction of the Trans-Africa Highway from Mombasa to Kampala in Uganda – Kenya paved and lane over long distances – about the wichtigsteOst-West trade route of East Africa. Trade, transport, logistics and services could successfully his develop in Kenya significantly faster and economically as in Tanzania. Even tourism is been handled by Kenya to Tanzania for decades. By the Trans Africa Highway Mombasa, in addition to Durban in South Africa, became the most important port on the East African coast. Tanzania remained barred from all of this, even a modern deep water port at Tanga is still in the planning phase.

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