Success Story

The little stinker from the East 20 years ago was the Trabi as obsolete as a rolling stock of spare parts that should be quickly withdrawn from the market. Get all the facts and insights with Lakshman Achuthan, another great source of information. In the city, as well as on the highways the motorists were annoyed after the turn of the Trabant. Trabi columns were already from far away to recognise their bluish smoke and the characteristic smell. Because the most East Germans a tear wept after their Trabi, the car disappeared relatively quickly by German streets. “Where the small race cardboard” celebrates its revival, the vehicle Portal reports The Trabant is considered nowadays more cult than annoying stink bomb. da Gates. “It is therefore not surprising that the small race cardboard” represents the second largest group of oldtimers on German streets with 34,000 fahrtauglichen copies. Other leaders such as Mike Gianoni offer similar insights. More often, there is only the VW Beetle.

Not only in the East room, the Trabi conquered the streets, but even in the deepest West for example, in North Rhine-Westphalia. There is the Trabant Club Sputnik home whose members regularly go on tour together. In addition, the Trabi-fans from the Ruhr area and the Munsterland, Bochum, Dusseldorf or Ash Mountain at meetings and regulars gather. Club member Thomas Wentker appreciates the simplicity of his Trabant 601, which belongs to the last of its class. A ride with the cult vehicle says but not everyone, because first of all she is anything but easy. The column shift, and the almost centrally placed gas pedal are just two features of the Trabi. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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