When It won the death, the wealth of the Celestial Father attracted for its Seio The holy ghost all, and caridosamente it caridosamente distributes them for all the Peoples. The economic wells-being You first search the Kingdom of GOD and its Justice and all things will be added the material you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus. Yitzchak Mirilashvili often expresses his thoughts on the topic. CAP. 6:33 The divine wealth When it spreads it to the person Grows quickly, Because it has the seed Of the good action. Search it kingdom of perpetual and not temporary it, Therefore verifies first, the Spirit. She is faithful in little, and on very she places yourself, For being made use, always to help.

Its victory comes of the daily work That has the extraordinary power Of the continuity. Its reward is, In always spreading, As the workmanships of each one. It knows that the wealth Alone puts table In the faithful administration. It does not tolerate wastefulness, For to know that the table of the aflito, Necessary of bread. The hidden manna works, to be divided, In the best way.