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Strongest product groups in the current range are handbags and small leather goods. Slightly heavier the traditional business area was last, where often the classic Briefcase is replaced by the casual shoulder bag. More sales opportunities offer the additional items such as cleaning products, luggage belts or fashionable pulse article. Increasingly, trade is confronted with shifts between the individual brands, so that he must constantly watch his range and respond if necessary. Problems mainly such brands, which are widely distributed and are also sold under the suggested retail price. Because this advice-oriented leather goods retailer with extensive merchandising economically more and more under pressure. Despite the outstanding sales figures in recent years, the shoe pinches up not only on the subject of brand. Other leaders such as visit website offer similar insights.

In particular, the experts warn of escalating costs for rent, energy, raw materials, salaries and higher transport costs. The industry will be hardly help but about price increases, although these must be very moderately due to the market situation. A further site is the selective distribution of some of the manufacturers. He aimed at the combat of the grey market with outlets on the Internet. But also more and more leather goods retailer to consider itself, in addition to her steady business in addition to open an online store. There are good examples in the industry, many. So Internet offshoots have according to the Association of”medium-sized dealers on the market established to achieve very good sales.

The experts of Association of see the online development in the trade in leather goods as well in many other industries with a laughing and a crying eye. Also the dealer online sales rise though, but at the same time also the competition, which takes even more on the Internet about the price. Forcibly grows the price pressure even from stationary retailers. Whether an Internet shop under the name of an art or under the familiar name is to lead will be discussed currently quite contrary. Online stores have to scientific findings positive effect for the stationary stores. Consult the customers Internet shop which inform then but in a retail store Goods to examine and buy. Conversely, also the online sales benefited from an existing stationary shop, because this combination for Internet customers trust acts as an anonymous online store. In any case, the so-called Multichannel retailers in the competition have the best prospects. “The industry focus leather goods and accessories” IfH retail consultants are subjected to not only the product groups of a detailed analysis, but created a long-term forecast of the main distribution channels. The footprint of the press release is free of charge. Learn more about the study are available on the Internet at. “ the study leather goods and accessories” phone is available at bbw-marketing, Liebig Street of 23, 41464 Neuss, 02131 / 2989722, mail.

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