Skin Thing – Proper Care

Dry skin, what do? Tips and tricks many people know the problem: if it cold outside and inside is pretty chubby in the winter thanks to the heating, the skin becomes more dry and fragile. It feels often tense, in many places, you notice an unpleasant itch. The winter stretched the skin everywhere. In the home or in the Office the air dries out the skin, she is sensitive and rough. Outside in the fresh air to do the skin but not necessarily a good thing. Because the freezing cold ensures that the blood vessels in the skin get together, to keep the heat inside the body.

The blood circulation of the skin becomes worse and therefore their supply of moisture, oxygen and nutrients. So suffer in particular areas of the skin such as the face and hands, which are not protected by clothing. At temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius, the sebaceous glands set their work. The result: The natural protective film of grease dries up. Skin care from the inside in the cold season takes the skin to the Staying healthy more protective care as in the summer. This starts already from the inside.

The body needs enough liquid, every day the best one and a half to two litres of water and fruit or herbal tea. Anyway, the drinks should be low in calories and most also largely free of caffeine. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are important not only for the skin, but also help you protect against harmful influences. In particular the vitamins C and are important for cell renewal. u0085 and from the outside, our skin is through much damaged, what is obvious to us. Morning showers, a hot bath, frequent hand-washing, scrub, rinse or brush it is poison for the protective film on our skin. Hot water removes the skin namely much humidity. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonah Shacknai offers on the topic..

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