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SHB real estate funds invest successfully outside of the big seven. Also investments in medium-sized cities worth? The strict due diligence can be maintained only a few real estate examination of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Even objects in very good locations are not automatically profitable. Hans Gruber of SHB innovative fund concepts AG explains, why: Who wants to buy or rent in Munich, can sing a song of them. “Attractive apartments are above all: scarce and therefore expensive.” Even worse, it look on the market for Office and retail real estate. A blatant lack of attractive commercial real estate prevails in the seven major cities of in Germany, the so-called big seven”(Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart) now. Here govern foreign investors and to get the large institutional facilities and top objects, which pay for themselves as fund real estate, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Who invests wisely, can be also good layers in medium-sized towns not disregarded, as it makes the SHB innovative fund concepts AG since time immemorial. In addition one is focused of course continue on, real estate in the capital “to find-Metropolen and fund-able” to make. But then must be just the purchase price. For equity investors, it is significantly important to how it behaves with the relationship between the purchase price of the property, the development opportunities and the attainable rental, because Yes the income opportunity for the Fund derives in this”, explains SHB man Gruber therefore the SHB AG invests in mid-sized cities or in attractive suburbs of major cities, such as in Unterhaching, near the city of Munich.” The success proves the SHB innovative fund concepts AG right. At least then, if be shopped to a better factor than the market average.

Gruber knows what matters: the difference in the yield is often justified in purchasing. If you buy too expensive, thus punished investors. And well run “Retail parks and shopping centers in layers of medium-sized towns can quite compete with the often much more expensive objects in prime locations”, so the real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG share. Now more and more for real estate search and they are in addition to objects in the big seven foundations, smaller supply works, asset managers or family offices,”which meet their needs. Watch it at smaller and medium-sized cities, which are negatively affected by demographic change”, warns the SHB real estate expert. Therefore, the SHB innovative fund concepts AG closely check each investment real estate fund investors could still benefit from well-run commercial units. For more information,

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