Secure Windows

Most people know that it is constantly having problems with the security of the operating system Windows Microsoft and other software. However, what most people do not understand is how easy it is to improve the security of your computer and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of increasingly sophisticated threats that lurk on the Internet. These steps will take less than a few hours, and will not cause harm to your well-being. 1) Update Windows – the first step, you need to do to make sure that all of your Microsoft applications have all the latest updates installed. These updates, or 'patches' that eliminates the vulnerability of security systems and other problems. Microsoft normally releases these updates every month. Visit the Microsoft Web site or turn on automatic updates in Control Panel (Windows Control Ranel). Even if you ''kompyuter vseravno perform eto.Esli you buy a computer with Windows xp, make sure that it installed the latest service pack or SP3.

2) Complex passwords – people are often overlooked, but a good and strong password is an important element of your computer security. Complex password must include at least 8 characters with a mixture of text, symbols and numbers. You should make sure that everywhere is set the login password. Do not forget, electronic purse, your e-mail, social networks and any other services like Ebay, which hackers can use that would damage your wealth. 3) virus protection (Anti Virus Protection) – the threat of computer viruses, has receded in recent years, but they can still cause serious damage to your computer. The best choice is to buy a package of protection that includes a firewall and antivirus software at least. 4) Firewall – if you use a broadband connection when a firewall is a prerequisite for managing traffic between your computer and the Internet.

A firewall monitors incoming Internet traffic passing through the ports of your computer. Some firewalls also monitor outbound traffic from your computer to the Internet. Windows xp now comes preinstalled with a firewall, but the product does not monitor outgoing traffic, but because it does not provide . 5) Software software to combat viruses spyware (Anti Spyware Tool) – this is the last component of your security on the Internet. This tool helps to fight with spyware and make the program with ads placed in them. When you decide what software tool is right for you, pay attention to test results and reviews on the Internet. This will help you and make the right choice.

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