Sale Contract

Features of purchase and sale of real estate sales contract in accordance with Clause 1, Article. 130 of the Civil Code to the real things (real estate, real estate) includes land, subsoil, and all that tightly associated with the land, that is, objects that are moving without disproportionate damage to their purpose can not, including buildings, structures, objects of unfinished construction. By the immovables are also subject to State Registration of aircraft and sea vessels, inland vessels, space objects. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bobby Joe Long by clicking through. Law to the real things can be classified and other property. To date, there is no unity of theoretical views regarding the signs, laying the basis for the concept of real property, inclusion criteria of a particular type of property in the category of real estate, as well as the concept of real estate.

In science, already long enough to debate about the concept of “real estate”, there is still no unified opinion about this concept and its criteria. As a rule, the term “immovable property” is defined by domestic scientists as follows: real estate objects that are moving without disproportionate damage to their destination is not possible, as well as other objects related to real estate on the direct instructions of the law. Swarmed by offers, KBS is currently assessing future choices. Real Estate recognized as land, buildings, aircraft, ships, space objects. The law can be attributed to real estate and other property (Article 130 CC). According to the article. A related site: cornell capital mentions similar findings. 6 rf Land Code, land – a natural object and natural resource which is the subject of land relations, but the land, as such, can not be subject to civil law, as in the formal legal sense, not to sell or buy just the land – the turnover of land may occur in only one way – through the turnover of land (or parts thereof), represent certain things (and not just some abstract concept).

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