Russian Federation

The National Programme to improve the living conditions of the House a secure future "Housing Problem. Each of us has ever experienced in my life to this subject. The urgency of the problem is not in doubt. Gallup Poll confirms that over 80% of the population want to improve their living conditions. Standard ways of addressing this issue suggests: the presence of his own money, sufficient income for a mortgage, or the presence of several works that can repay the mortgage payments. Unfortunately, there are enough people who do not fit these parameters, but do not have acute housing problem.

Especially, it feels right now. Realizing the urgency of this problem, our insurance company will have developed national programs improve life – insurance initiative "RELIABLE house of the FUTURE" This program is designed for specialists working throughout Russia. This program allows any citizen of the Russian Federation to resolve the housing problem at a decent level. The company offers you receive the desired housing, for which over 10 or 15 years. You can easily pay and get it in the property. The program is designed for people who do not currently have the full amount necessary to purchase the desired home, and have no access mortgage programs for one reason or another. Reliable basis for the program is article number 26 of the federal law "Act on the insurance business in the Russian Federation 4015 – 1 on 27 November 1992. Under this law, insurance company is entitled to a loan insured to the extent to which the person is insured.

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