Royal Decree

The new selectivity is getting closer. All high school students who want to enter the next academic year 2010-2011 the University must pass this access. Lakshman Achuthan has similar goals. Will be more difficult for some than for others. Simply to those who opt for a degree without limit of places with consideration of the overall phase (four or five subjects, according to autonomy), but those who choose a title with excess demand and want to improve your score, will also perform the specific phase, which covers up to three subjects more mode. Universities have established a parameter of weighting to the subjects of this phase of 0.1 or 0.2, according to the link with the title you want to access. Those who opt for subjects with greater parameter may add up to four more points and placed ahead of those who have failed to perform the specific phase or dealt with materials with a lower weighting factor. The new weighting parameters selectivity, regulated by Royal Decree, provides for a form of qualification other than the previous test, which affects students who wish to enter degrees in which the number of applications for admission exceeds the positions offered. Students who opt for a grade in which there is no quota excess, need only examine the general phase of the test, with three exercises in common areas and one of mode field.

Who seek to enter in a title with competitive concurrence, may also perform the specific phase exercises to raise the note of admission to the University and thus have more possibilities of access to the chosen title.Universities have determined the degree of relationship of materials of high school second mode with each of the degrees of the branch of knowledge to which they are attached. Each subject they have applied to it a weighting with regard to a title factor. This parameter for weighting may be 0.1, or go up to 0.2 in the subjects that they consider more ideal to follow successfully the higher teachings.In this way, students who opt for subjects with greater parameter may join the admission note up to four points and scan a preferential position with respect to those who have failed to perform the specific phase and those who examine materials in which the weighting factor is less.

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