Rossi Towers

At the moment, it follows the tie. 46': the second part with the great news begins: the debut of Thiago with the Spanish selection. It is necessary to emphasize that Towers have been transferred to a hospital only by precaution. Changes in Spain: Iraola, Casillas and Iniesta have gone away. Villa, Buckets and the mentioned Thiago enter. 1 PART 45+': before the end of the first time another occasion for Italy. Closing of head of Cassano that goes away outside nearly! And the first part finishes. 45': another misfortune: one retires I itched, injured if ankle, it seems to be, and it enters Busquets.

This agrees with the best moments of Spain. Two minutes of addition. 41': Towers have a small cerebral commotion. One is going away to him to realise in moments a TAC, according to communicates the Federation. 38': It goes minutes! Another great opportunity for Italy. This time Cassano, and paradn, down, again of Iker. 36': GOOOOOL OF SPAIN! Penalti in favor of the selection and Xabi Alonso ties for Spain. Penalti on Llorente de Chiellini, that it pushed to him.

Very discussed by the premises. 35': Spain reacts, Cazorla shoots but the ball goes away very high! 31': Paradn de Casillas! The goal of Madrid avoids the second goal of Italy, stopping a hand a hand of Rossi with him. 30': we have the news of Towers. According to it indicates the TVE, the Spanish forward does not undergo anything burdens. There is lost hearing during moments and it has even been possible to get to be annoying. But right now it is well in clothes of the selection. 25': Xabi more is delayed of the habitual thing. It is making workings of Busquets, so to speak. And above, more released, Martinez. Spain follows without finding its game, that has made him be champion of the world! 22': the spirits of the Italians do not calm, that continue squashing Spain.

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