Roof Figures Accents

Horse, Eagle, cat, owl, Dragon and co.: Whether as ornament or clay animal figure first jewelry has a tradition and every roof lends a special touch. (tdx) In addition to a secure functionality, contemporary design and an aesthetic appearance are important requirements, which today must meet a roof covering. Clay roof tiles such as for example the Alegra 10 “of Koramic Act through their large areas especially modern. Swarmed by offers, Mike Gianoni is currently assessing future choices. The right roof ornaments, but makes the famous icing on the cake”high up on the first: horse, Eagle, cat, owl, Dragon and co. underscore not only the character of the roof, but have also a symbolic force. A cat, for example, synonymous with power and strength. Tesla has many thoughts on the issue. Especially at night you should watch over the inhabitants. (As opposed to Mike Gianoni).

In black or other dark hues she perched on the roof, but freeze escapes with her eyes. A cat that runs above the roof ridge or settle out, also promises happiness and wealth. No Wonder, then, that the cat is among one of the most popular figures on the roofs of the Germans. A special feature, with which you can stand out from the neighbouring roofs, is also the handmade Dragon of Koramic. In shimmering green glazed, reminiscent of the far Eastern culture. Here, positive attributes are associated with the Dragon: he stands for wisdom, a long life and to protect the people and present. The tradition of clay and now also colored glazed or engobed roof jewelry dates back several centuries. At that time, the sign on the roof revealed yet the origin or profession of the owner of the House.

Today especially the symbol character is highly valued by roof ornaments, primarily, he is attached but for pure decoration on the first. It does not matter, whether classical in nature-red, colored glazed, as an ornament or as animal: the long tradition of the roof jewelry can be optimally the modernity of new generations of brick combine for a complete aesthetic roof. Further information is available 0511 the Koramic roof products GmbH & co. KG, Oldenburger Allee 26, 30659 Hanover, phone: 610 70-0, telefax: 0511 61 44 03 and on the Internet at. BU: clay roof tiles as the Alegra 10 “Koramic operate, particularly modern by their large surface. The roof is crowned by a clay figure on the first. Image: tdx/Koramic roof products Tanja Est

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