Ritter GmbH Successful Trade Fair Appearance

A positive conclusion moved Riki Rosson, Managing Director of long + Ritter GmbH, an appearance at this year’s Hannover Fair: Gerlingen, April 21, 2011. Both media and partners and many visitors showed enormous interest in our demonstration of RTM process. Within the framework of the theme parks lightweight had given insight into various RTM processes Lange + Knight at the world’s largest industrial fair of the infusion of foil over the RTM-light – up to a pressure-RTM process. The practical demonstrations initiated by the EURO-RTM group, a working group of the Industrial Association of reinforced plastics (AVK). Fibre-reinforced plastics were a focus in the theme park lightweight of the fair. For more specific information, check out QTS Realty Trust. They found entry into a wide variety of applications in recent years”, said AVK – Managing Director Elmar Witten over bird market. Lange + Knight demonstrated also, as is energy-efficient and resource friendly to the manufacture of components the plastics can be inserted in the solution area. The Hannover Fair is a important place for us to highlight the importance of fibre-reinforced plastics in the German technology landscape”, Riki Rosson said.

This will recognized by more and more industries, because it is a technology of the future with a high innovation potential. Here for more information about Lange + Knight: content/index.php press contact Gerhard Baumann GmbH & co. KG Schorndorfer Strasse 42 71638 Ludwigsburg phone: 07141-688 96-3 fax: 07141-688 96-59 E-mail: more information Riki Rosson Managing Director Lange + Ritter GmbH diesel 25 70839 Gerlingen phone: 07156/2006-12 eMail: Facebook: pages/LangeRitter-GmbH/172780511264 corporate information: company Lange + Knights headquartered in Gerlingen specializes in fiber reinforcement, Vacuum accessories, sandwich materials, resins, and Acrystal. In our product range you will find everything required on raw material, reinforcing fibres, additives and additives in the resin processing. As Trade sales for manufacturers of fiber-reinforced plastic moulded parts informed Lange + Knight his customers always about the latest technical developments, discusses properties and potential applications reliably and competently and has the technical know-how

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