Firm Lambrecht & Marx, Muhlheim, supports founder and entrepreneur Muhlheim (mxm). Click Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc to learn more. Who is working as an entrepreneur, knows the difficulties during the start-up phase, as well as to the problems of the conservation of the companies. KfW has developed an Internet platform with your KfW consultant Exchange, finding competent consultants to help entrepreneurs and companies. Among other things find founder in the programme Grundercoaching Germany of coaches who help you after the founding of the company, to stabilize their businesses. On the other hand, such as firms in difficulty rehabilitation consultants over the consultant Exchange can find.

Because it enables you, as the firm Lambrecht & Marx from Muhlheim am Main to find nationwide among qualified consultants and redevelopment consultants, whose Experten accompany entrepreneurs in the independence and save renovation-needy companies help. Financial economist (ebs) Monika Lambrecht is already for several years in the Consultant exchange for the KfW Grundercoaching Germany registered and is a sought-after consultant. For over 20 years as a business consultant and financial planner in the Rhine main area, she advises clients independently and individually in all important phases of the entrepreneurial life by start-ups risk management and controlling as well as tax law up to the succession. Together with the founder, we find the fiscal possibilities and concepts the company planned from the outset to provide healthy legs and secure in the long term\”, she reveals her recipe for success. She knows from experience that many business start-ups fail at the lack of expertise, financial troubles or the economic vision. Therefore from the outset, most entrepreneurs need expert advice so that their business concept in the long term success. Sure, the firm has focused. In Muhlheim, also tax and estate planning are offered in addition to consulting. 2004 the Grundercoaching was Germany launched, to find nationwide qualified consultants who serve the respective entrepreneur in the start-up phase and technical support.