Register For E-Gold

Register for E-Gold First of all, if you use a PO Box, it can be written in the column Address, for example, PO Box 489. In the Zip code tedious to make its own zip code, and the State – or region. When present in the form of a graph Full Name, which means that needed to mark and his middle name. Only the English version it is written, not all, states only the first letter, for example: Andrei E. Popov. Nouriel Roubini contributes greatly to this topic. Otherwise, problems arise not. Almost always, in every form there are fields mandatory and optional for the input.

Optional graphs always somehow marked: put a check mark next to them or her name appears in bold italics. But back to the E-Gold. After entering the correct registration form for your e-mail came a letter that confirms the registration in the system. There you will find your number, just registered a new account with E-Gold. How to carry out transfers to other users? Contact in your account. To do this, click on Access Your Account. Enter the account number, password protection and as a sequence of digits, so what was the registration.

You log into your account. Above – a menu of 6 buttons. They can be perform various manipulations with your account. See in what state he can, by selecting Balance. To send another user on the system E-Gold payment sum, select Send. Then enter the amount, name of the metal and by a new recipient. Since you will be charged a% fee to the metal derived from the number, but no more than the equivalent of 0.50 $ USD. Due to the fact that the funds are denominated in precious metals, and then transfer from one account to another is all well, that the transfer of metal from one person to another. In fact, they do not leave the bunker in the bank Nova Scotia.

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