In recent years, refrigeration intensively developed. Refrigerating machines are used for heat removal from any object. Refrigeration units take away the heat from an object (thus wasting electricity) and give its cooling water or air around, which have a higher temperature than the object of cooling – this is an easy how they work. For cooling liquids (aqueous solutions and water) can be used chillers – is tech refrigeration units. Typically chillers are used to provide basic modes of cooling, freezing and storage of various products in air conditioning systems, filling lines, coolers.

Refrigeration plants – a set of equipment used to maintain a refrigerated substances, temperature is lower than the air temperature around them. Refrigeration units consist of one or multiple chillers in their composition included all the necessary accessories. Combining the main components of the refrigeration unit into a single assembly unit forms a cooling unit. Depending on the components of the refrigeration unit incorporated in the design of the unit, refrigeration units conventionally classified on the compressor-condenser, the hardware, complex, compressor cooling units. Refrigeration unit consists of receiver, compressor, filter, condenser, motor and high and low pressure. Refrigeration compressors are required for compression and pumping compressed air or gases in refrigerators. They are classified on some major issues: the terms of use, by location and type of refrigerant cylinders, according to the principle of action, according to the principle of motor and mechanism of movement, etc.

There are three important type compressors: screw, piston, helical. Reciprocating refrigeration compressor is equipped with one or more pistons, they move back and forth in a straight line in the cylinders that are placed into a single corpus. The ejection of gas or air piston compressor occurs after the cylinder pressure exceeds the pressure in the compressor discharge line. By way of the release piston compressors and dual Simple actions, and the arrangement of cylinders – inclined cylinder, horizontal, vertical. Refrigeration units with reciprocating compressors are used mainly for domestic use or for small industries, so how they allocate a higher power. The popularity of reciprocating compressors is mainly explained by their low cost, uncomplicated production and high maintainability. Due to its properties and price chillers with reciprocating compressors are still the most common, but the vast fields of use have and chillers with screw compressors. In screw compressor compressing liquid is held together by two rotors with helical teeth. Refrigeration units with screw compressors are used in various branches of the metal, gas, chemical, food, petroleum, etc. In the competition between the screw and reciprocating compressors unit with the lead screw compressors. Refrigeration units with screw compressors – this is a small station compressed air, air-cooled, and for its operation only need to connect electricity, and the application of reciprocating compressors for further cleaning and cooling air required additional devices. Further, the mounting screw compressor need only flat area, and for sure the piston construction of the foundation. Do not screw compressor pistons and friction parts that significantly increases the efficiency of the compressor. Chillers with screw compressors are easier to maintain, especially if the service piston compressor is best done through 16,000 hours of operation, then screw compressor, the figure is 24,000 hours. Thus, it becomes clear that in order to buy coolers, industrial, you need to analyze the pros and cons of the installed equipment.

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