EP the advisor delegated of the Athletic one returned to speak of the situation of the Argentinean. In recent months, SHV Energy has been very successful. " Florentine it has given his palabra&quot me; , Gil Marin says. The leader has asked who the future of ' Kun' &quot is solved; before the 15 of junio". The advisor delegated of the Athletic one of Madrid, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, has reiterated who its equipment is not going to negotiate by Sergio Omen and has sent to the clause of rescission of 45 million so that fiche " by any club except the Real Madrid" , since Florentine Perez him " he promised that hostil&quot would not conduct an operation; and he believes in " palabra" of the white president. Gil Marin made clear that the future of Omen it happens through " two alternativas". " That it remains or that comes a club that is not Real Madrid with 45 million. Florentine I am guaranteed that it was not going to conduct an operation hostile. The player is not going to go to Real Madrid because I believe in the word of Florentine, so the debate of Real Madrid is closed.

To Barcelona &quot can also go and to the Alcorcn; , it indicated in declarations to the BEING. The leader has order that the future of ' Kun' &quot is solved; before the 15 of junio" because &quot is a decision that; deportiva&quot implies too much planning; . In this sense, the club remembered that " it does not have intention of negociar" and it kept awake that the unique equipment that has shown a formal interest by Omen is the Juventus, through " one carta" in that it has asked abrir negotiations. " But we are not going to negotiate because we want that quede" , it emphasized the agent chief executive. With respect to this planning, Gil thinks that already they have given " first paso" with " change of people, but mainly of model in the direction deportiva" , undertaken with the signings of Jose Luis Road Perez and Carlos Eyrie.