Real Estate And Business In The Czech Republic

Nice to have a second home somewhere in the middle of Europe! First, real estate abroad – is a solid and safe investment, and secondly, it is prestigious, and thirdly, it allows you to travel abroad freely, because generally buying property abroad, say in the Czech Republic, carried out in the country registered your company. Having bought the firm in an apartment or house, you decide all questions of existence of the company, paying taxes, etc. And being owner of a Czech company, you may get permission to stay in the country of the European Union. Selling real estate in the Czech Republic is engaged in many real estate agents, who will offer you everything: an apartment in Prague house in its outskirts, giving the Czech resort or ski center in the national park, as well as ready-made business – hotel, restaurant, pub, business services, business center, etc. You can just invest surplus funds in land intended for construction. Their prices are in attractive locations is growing rapidly year by year. Will help to orient in such a wide offer of Czech real estate broker solid, the services which should not refuse: a foreign country – unfamiliar laws, language, its own characteristics.

Such a reliable mediator in resolving your issues related to immigration in the Czech Republic, buying property on the objective and the price per its growth, may be a Czech investment company KORAL LTD sro She is building their own housing in the Czech Republic, but also has strong business ties with the Czech real estate agencies, well-versed in the prices of apartments and houses, business facilities and land plots. In addition, the company will help you get a mortgage to buy property in the Czech Republic by 4-5% per annum. The whole transaction of buying real estate in the Czech Republic will be under the control of a solid Czech law firm. On your every question will be given an exhaustive answer to the same you will advise on how best to proceed: the company's employees are well aware of the specifics of the Russian client. This will help you avoid the risk of an unsuccessful shopping real estate abroad, the transaction will take place in strict accordance with Czech legislation. In addition, you will help to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic, a member country of the European Union.

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