Rainer SauerDeushomo

All roads lead to myself, leaving itself well me for what path I choose,. This is a common saying, a winged word whose profundity und also whose significance is geschwunden long. Because we collect mostly just the superficial and rough meaning of the proverb, we are immune for the precious content of the statement, are practically not ready for the Bedeutsame that provide hidden lingers beneath the surface to the rescue. “If detach us again by the callous manner, to deal with things and to look at them, the doors for deeper knowledge are again open for us, and it the Interior can us directly” reveal. “” On the words, all roads lead to Rome”bezogen means that we meet the universal statement that reminds us that it not right”, no wrong “indicates that no real around there is insane, but that me all paths to myself, to take my self-knowledge. All roads lead to me, to my true self, which is a spiritual wisdom, which is an integral part of freedom of conscious living. Because we understand the importance of these words in its totality, we know that we undeterred by all counter argument can do and be what we want, so can go where we want. We always meet, and this holds the secret of freedom and free will in itself.

Therefore there is ultimately no so-called wrong way, because all paths are equally valuable, and each carries in his specific experience, his consciousness of fruit. Either way, let’s take is an even desired by us experience which appears important and meaningful for our individuelle self experience. Thus is also the so-called aberration”or wrong way” only seemingly gegenlaufig, i.e. only illusory our outgoing and has exactly the information required from us, that we our self recognition BRAUChen. As I would like to show in a small word game, seemingly insurmountable differences are often very close together or show up in a clear light may even be identical. Other leaders such as offer similar insights.

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