Arises trying to delimit the sociological field which have great similarity with him. Not be sociology refers, the set of problems associated with the limits, similarities and differences between sociology and other sciences that agree with her on the same object of scientific research. The Ffilosofia aims to provide a knowledge of the absolute, universal. The story aims to give a knowledge of the individual, in particular. Sociology is closely related to these two disciplines; the story is radically opposite, because sociology studies the social general, meanwhile history studied the social in particular. The point of view of both disciplines is different but the object is the same. Philosophy that according to classical ancient is the mother of Sciences and they are shedding all others. It also has much to do with sociology because there is also a philosophical field, which is called Social philosophy, contains elements of the two Sciences.

Not be of Sociology: 1) philosophy (the absolute, usually), Physics (material), (vital) biology, psychology (spiritual); ((2) Philosophy of history, history (specifically), 3) Social philosophy, sociology (social general), law, economics, politics, etc. Sociology is part of the sciences human or social, because the object of his research is a physical body, a physical drive but at the same time a psychological unit. The body as such studied it physics, biology, etc. Psychology study man as unity consciousness. As a social being that he is, sociology studies man specifically. From the spiritual point of view, the man can be studied from two different points of view: to) study the individual consciousness (the self). But like that I individual is influenced by others I individual, then the social self, the self general appears.

b) Social conscience, not can be studied by Psychology, but by the Sociolgia. It is necessary to create a new discipline that is social psychology. Relationship of philosophy to Sociology: philosophy, science of the absolute, universal, includes several issues: knowledge, logic, mathematics, ethics.

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