Professional Luggage

By caries Mercier, Advisor of image and coach of beauty and style prepare a suitcase does not have to be an unpleasant and tedious task. A good organization will allow us to make the most of the space available and have the clothing required to cause a good image in target. 1 Start with a good bag or suitcase how does choose it? Very easy we need to take into account criteria such as weight, size and strength when choosing the bag or suitcase. Not always seek the bigger bag, think small when more structured is the bag the better will protect both the elements and the annoying wrinkles content because it will move less during the trip. It is good that the suitcases or bags have wheels, better if they are the type of in-line skates. They are hardy and have a part of the wheels on the inside so that the suitcase is more stable and are less likely to be broken.

2 Bags with a plan. Nothing like having a list, organize worthwhile. Before leaving make a list of the activities you have planned perform and record the more appropriate clothing for those events. You will have to swim? In this case don’t forget bathing suit. Do you have planned a gala dinner? Don’t forget then the outfit indicated in such cases. To broaden your perception, visit Nouriel Roubini.

We advise you to coordinate all the clothes you wear. How to achieve this? Choosing a neutral color that you favors and looking for clothes to coordinate among themselves. For example you can choose as a base color black, Navy Blue, brown or grey. Your choice depends on your preferences and your colorful personnel. Some tricks to save clothes and accessories – for storing earrings you can use a box that are used to carry the pills of every day – to save strings or fine bracelets, you can put them inside a straw that are used for drinking and then save them inside a case for toothbrushes. -Put the plastic bags that you get to take clothes to the dry cleaner between different layers of clothing. In this way they will act as air bag avoiding that they wrinkling. -Choose fabrics that support travel well. We recommend that you choose fabrics as the point, cotton, those with a point of synthetic etc and avoid fabrics as linen creasing just looking at it. During the trip you won’t look forward to ironing so that avoids having to do with good planning. -Don’t forget to check the time of the place of destination, the demands of airports on liquids that you can upload and maximum weight we can take as a passenger. There is nothing more unpleasant than having to stop products that we love or having to pay overweight for not complying with the rules of the airlines or airports. Arriving at destination immediately hang clothes on hangers. Now you can only enjoy your trip

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