Professional Coach

The Executive Coaching this focused on the role played by a director, a Manager, a supervisor, etc., can be requested by himself or be a proposal put forward by the company. In the latter case it is essential to make the process viable, have the consent of the Coacheado (person who receives Coaching) and link their personal interests with the employer, within a framework that ensures confidentiality. Working with an action plan aligned with the company and agreed indicators. On the professional practice of the Coach – a Coach not treated pathologies, when your client shows signs of psychological conflicts suggests the visit to a psychologist or a professional psychotherapist. However, considering each case in particular, a person can work with both professionals in the form simultaneously, given that their domains of intervention are different.

-A Coach on the assumption that the customer has the necessary resources for its development, overcoming of limits or situations of stalemate, the Coach is his companion in the process, proposing activities for reflection, analysis and creation, to have the same client generate the means that enable you to design your way and walk in the. For more information see John Grayken. -The Coach not taught or advised, this is one of the main differences with other disciplines that prioritize the transmission of knowledge. -The Coach does not give solutions, collaborates with the learning rather than teaching. The customer does not learn of the Coach, learns about himself. -A Coach acts as a facilitator so that his client could call into question their reality and discover that it is more convenient for him. -In a process of Coaching the Coach-client relationship, is a partnership between equals that is based on trust and mutual respect, where both are associated in the achievement of specific objectives, only chosen by the customer. (*)In the training transdisciplinary main contributions arise from the philosophy of language, existential philosophy, cognitivism, constructivism, systemic thinking and positive psychology..

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