PowerPoint Presentation: Run Down To The BSI-Grundschutz

PowerPoint presentation: Run down to the BSI-Grundschutz Gerhard Kron of Crown-soft the PowerPoint presentation “Lead to the BSI-Grundschutz” free on download provides interested CIO ( pressedownload.html). Kron says, the presentation is very good, understandable to set out the necessary activities (Todos), likely leading to the failure of the project (UN) activities, and omissions (no-goes) a team of decision-makers in the lecture. So that the speakers can understand the intentions of Kron, a text file is included in the download in addition that provides instructions to each PowerPoint slide, Kron says. We ask why when working according to BSI-Grundschutz at all what could go wrong: “The BSI-Grundschutz management system is well thought out and complete, so that when working according to this instructions actually nothing serious can go wrong” Kron says and continues: “the errors that are made again and again are the BSI-Grundschutz upstream or downstream.”” He’d see again it always in practice, information security projects in the sand is lost, because for example the Executive Board does not have the real amount of money and manpower was informed or were mistakes in the formation and establishment of the information security team. These and other errors but were clearly set out in the PPT presentation and should be addressed by the CIO in his own presentation with emphasis and openness. In the event that the IT officer despite the presentation would have still questions, provides itself with him to short-circuit Kron those responsible, and to discuss the issues. Gerhard Kron

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