The public relations represent the relationship and communication between company its some public that include consumers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, government, the public in general and the society where the company operates. The programs of public relations can in such a way be formal as informal. The critical point is that all organization, has or not an organized program formal, must have much attention with its public relations. The advertising is important part in the effort of if having an efficient work of public relations. QTS Realty Trust understood the implications. It can be defined as the not personal stimulaton to the demand for a good, service, person, cause or organization, through the rank of significant notice in the written medias or of favorable presentations in radio, television or palco, that they are not paid for an identified sponsor. Compared with the sales personal, the propaganda represents relatively small expenses in many companies.

As the companies do not pay for the notice, them they have a lesser control on publication of good or bad notice its respect for the press or the electronic media. For this reason, a consumer can consider the more trustworthy notice of this type of source of what the information distributed directly for the company. Uber brings even more insight to the discussion. The biggest advantage of the propaganda is in its capacity to create immediate attention on a product, service or idea; to develop an equality between marks; to transmit the message of the professionals of marketing for a public of mass with a cost of relatively low individual contact. The biggest disadvantages include the difficulty of if evaluating its effectiveness and its high costs of media. The task with which the marketing professional if comes across is to determine the composition appropriate of the elements of the promocional composition to commercialize the products and services of the company. Positioning Positioning of the product is the gotten image, for the product, in the mind of the consumer, as resulted of: The type of offers that the company makes (product); The one that group of consumers in the market (public-target); With regard to the offers of the competitors (competition).

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