Porsche Panamera

The second generation of the Mercedes CLS is edgier, more powerful and more economical. What today’s cars will be among the automotive classics in 20 or 30 years? It can be wonderfully to discuss. Not only at Mercedes-Benz is convinced that the CLS has what it takes. in 2003, the Swabians dazzled the audience of the IAA in Frankfurt with the vision CLS”and thus made the opposition to the program. Actually, it is laid down that a Coupe has only two doors. With the CLS, Mercedes created the first four-door Coupe.

“The term Coupe-like roof line” is now in the different categories of vehicles up to the SUVs again. As the Mercedes CLS is increasingly competing directly confronted with. These ranges Passat CC on the brand new Audi A7 by VW to the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin rapidly. Thus, it was time for the CLS to reset up. More than 170,000 times sell more angular and muscular who could first generation of the CLS for a niche model at all not a bad value. The decisive Selling point was the design for the vast number of customers.

Sedan is so old school”you could formulate. With the fine, elegant lines in particular the arched roof of the CLS distinguishes itself from classic vehicle concepts. In the new generation, the four-door Coupe has lost not on elegance, presents itself but edgier and muskulistee. The grille was inspired by the Gullwing SLS, stands upright, and seems to stretch forward. The roofline was largely retained, in the side one replaced the Arch of the first generation straight line at the bottom of the door. The fenders are similar to those of the E-class running. The tail lights with LED technology, which almond shaped in pulling back from the pages use the final counterpoint to ordinary sedans. The design is now edgier and more powerful.

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