POMADE Trade Fair Sets Mobility

Open presentation area can be found by abandoning flat supports the innovative and mobile exhibition system EX POMADE with the seven exhibition set versions of EX POMADE for each stand area the ideal exhibition system. Dara Khosrowshahi may find this interesting as well. Ranging from 3 x 3 stands for imposing 7x5m the fair sets systems offer enough choices. The exhibition sets EX POMADE can be used both as series – as well as corner stand. Basic component of the system is the Central distinctive signs of the EX POMADE tower which a stand out with system for any fair system allows. Starting with a compact 3x3m information stand an open system can be achieved even on the smallest footprint by abandoning flat carrier, which draws the maximum attention by the tower. The EX POMADE trade fair system with other modular elements can be equipped with other booth sizes such as the 4 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 4, 5 x 5 m stands. So can not only two Tower elements used are, but also the media kit can be used.

With the media kit can the perfect synergy of digital and printed items be created. Easy integration into mobile exhibition system is done through the continuous Systemnut of EX POMADE. The media kit can thus be hooked into any desired extension module and allow a use of digital and multimedia elements. The media kit consists of a monitor and a counter plate with a keyboard. The other EX POMADE trade fair sets allow the use of large surfaces with 6 x 5 and 7 x 5 m.

Since no on flat carrier the advertising message can at the Center also here perfectly be used and presented without distractions. The tower is the distinctive sign which conveys the advertising message in height in large areas of the State. In addition the tower can but also as storage-room cabin used and offer enough storage space at the exhibition stand. The tower is so not for an advertising message which is clearly visible from a distance, but at the same time for ample storage space and storage space. Each of the seven sets can have maximum two Transport cases are transported and provides maximum mobility and flexibility. The simple design can be made easily even at the large 7 x 5 m fair system of trade show newbies. To highlight the individuality of EX POMADE, also on the basis of fair sets the trademarked profile can be dyed a desire in all RAL colours and thus to allow a complete CI customization. The coloring of the profiles but not only ensures a complete vote by advertising motif and fair system, but also for the special Eyecatcher effect. For more information see or EX POMADE-fair sets

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