Polymer Processing

Within each of our lives accumulating an incredible number of various different kinds of garbage. As a result, we are confronted with problems of export, processing, storage of solid waste. The second use of plastic waste as possible in view of industrial machines. Getting a cheap and high quality recycled material in polymer processing is not possible without the use of pellet, agglomerate crushers (this special equipment with high performance and enables to perform fast processing of secondary raw materials for further transformation in the necessary materials). Start looking industrial machine with one of the most extended ones and simple – the crusher. Through it you can pass different types of plastic. This equipment works like this: in a bowl of raw materials downloaded from whence it gradually transferred to the Department of rotary and stationary blades.

In this section, raw finely sliced. Then move the raw material into another container for the 'newfound' secondary raw materials. Polymer processing is exclusively with very high crushing force. This condition is made possible through the use of special water cooling system. In such a situation is incredibly important stability and high performance blade rotation. Due to the crusher service processing becomes simple. Second, complicated system of recycling-agglomerator.

As individual processing, and the whole complex will recycle this equipment. Agglomerator performs drying, sintering, grinding, washing of recycled materials. In the end we obtain pellets of different colors – agglomerate. On a solid frame contains all the mechanisms of the system, and therefore can Plastics Processing. Agglomerate is a versatile machine for the processing of recycled materials because of the ease in administration, maintenance, quietness, its small size, high performance. Perfect for plastic processing and granulyator.On able to produce processing operations of the films, profiles, boxes, etc. of polymer products. The machine is suitable for different polymers with the ability to install auger for chopping Plastics of all types. Weight devices Recycling performance, reliability and compact. Special attention should be washing crusher. Machine commonly used by enterprises engaged in processing. In this case it works, to make washing raw material, then grinds. The machine has a conveyor, hopper, integrated conveyor device for crushing, because of what is capable to process recyclables for short time. Since the system is secure shredding, then the performance of industrial machines is high. Together with the crusher complete normally go knives and other service tools. Scope of recycling unceasingly expands, because every year there are new models of processing mechanisms and processing.

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