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The new machinery directive has been in force since December 29, 2009. Rothberg family is a great source of information. It is valid for so-called placing and proprietary manufacturer of machines. Also in terms of content, the new machinery directive brings new features: playback of the Declaration of conformity is required. Also specify the minimum contents of the operating instructions. On the subject of translation service Techni-translate technical translation agency is: the company, has specialized in the translation of technical documentation located in the vicinity of Stuttgart, for every language and every area of expertise the appropriate specialists. There are always native speakers, which translate in your language of the country and in your area of expertise, so, for example, the translation of the instructions of a packaging system from English to your own language Italian is performed by an Italian mechanical engineer. An increasing importance on terminology management, often expensive software is used. This is not necessary in many cases.

One of the free additional services of Techni-translate is to provide a company-specific terminology. The customers can to log directly into your terminology database and access terms. New is the ability, now that customers can edit the database, delete, add, or change terms. This has several advantages. It relieved it companies that can manage your terminology, the DatSet be kept up-to-date easily.

Translations Techni-translate strictly adheres in return to the terminology of database, which increases the quality and consistency of the translations and also the customer satisfaction. It involves only the translation of words or short passages of text, so many already use the portal launched by Techni-translate available multilingual technical dictionary is a free, online. Here users can find technical concepts and terminology in numerous languages, in the popular online dictionaries often be missed. The terminology contained in the database comes from technical documentation translated by Techni-translate, which have been translated by qualified mother-tongue translators and engineers. The DatSet is very up-to-date and is growing steadily. has developed within a short time to an estimated online dictionary for technicians.

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