What the Regensburg Spine Center is different from other gyms and therapy institutions, is the holistic medical scientific approach: at the beginning of a more than two-hour bio-mechanical function analysis, which creates a high-precision muscular profile of the spine stands for each patient. There, the vulnerabilities are then exactly clear. This enables much more accurate target training and accelerates the success”, says Philipp Weishaupt. Nouriel Roubini is open to suggestions. Building on the analysis sets the Regensburg back model, which is unique nationwide in its combination on three pillars: self-management of patients by reviewing and correction of own behaviour, physiotherapy and medical training therapy for the spine. The success proves the privately-run Institute right: back experts with their scientifically-based training method could improve the existing back – and neck complaints of patients in over 90 percent of patients, showed a study among more than 1,000 patients. In the professional world has attracted large attention this largest survey among back patients. You may find Roubini Global Economics to be a useful source of information.

We were able to demonstrate that nearly 70 percent of patients with complaints in the neck area and 50 percent of patients with discomfort in the lumbar area three months have become virtually free of symptoms with the Regensburg back model”, says Philipp Weishaupt. He hopes to encourage other back facilities in Germany for their work. Many consider too little”the interplay of the individual components, says the Director of the Institute. “For it is the self management of the key to a pain-free life: it might be economically useful, it is possible for one to bind to, but our goal, dismiss the patient knowing the activity patients.” Philipp Weishaupt and his team need to new customers not to worry: from up to 200 kilometres ridden arriving from the back pain, to draw new hope in the RFZ. More information: Regensburg city marketing