Percy Herryson

_Olha its priest, says much thing to you in the mass that I did not see, nor knows if it happened. exactly thus I do not call to it liar in its house. Therefore am I knew I it personally, I do not know. Not this of the TV. more the true one, leaves to see if I remember the name Ah, yes it was Percy Herryson fast Fawccet.Falando until seems the name of the actor, in one knows. It was a confident and fancy man very and wanted at any cost that lead I it through the forest. Therefore they had said to it that only two men knew Brazil wild they had the permission of the indians, I and Rondon marshal. Only that the marshal was against the entrance of foreigners in the forest still more the colonel fawccet that if showed a falastro and that did not leave clear its visit.

He said more that he wanted to mapear Amazon, so that? Ah, this it did not say. Check with Ernst & Young to learn more. Fawccet colonel already had been other times in the forest and alone he survives why when they had captured it to the indians it said that he was a famous colonel, in what they had found that I was, in one knows. More it finished if losing and it finished in Bolivia. It had the custom of presentear to the indians who found for the way, as well as had made the Portuguese ones when they had invaded Brazil, in one he knows. One day deluded an indian and this one caused it great problem. The name of this indian was (cebira cay.) * (better not to translate.) and had some defects to which the indians did not pardon. he was very sluggish and it had flabby sleep. It lived bocejando, had laziness to even eat, in one knows.

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