Parliamentary Immunity

I always found an enormous wastefulness, welded of the Armed Forces making tasks that do not demand military preparation. They serve cafezinhos the officers, open and close chains of estacionamentos, are butlers in the houses of the generals etc. Will be that one to militate that was prepared to enter the Armed Forces is satisfied in trimming shrubs and feeding animals of madames, while as many situations wait qualified initiatives? Well, but I age the President and could try to modify some things. Immediately I requested meeting with the ministers of the Defense and Justice. I asked for that they convoked officers of high patent of the Army, Navy, Aeronautics, Federal Policy and BOPE to make a small operation. Aircraft and vehicles would deliver to equipped men and chemical preparations, intellectual and physically, between 4:30 h and 5:00 h of the morning, in determined points of the mounts and the asphalt of Rio De Janeiro to capture all the net tacked for the traffic and money laudering, including clarified politicians and magnates who waited its majoritrias slices of the magazine of all the luxury boats that sailed in Brazilian waters, without exception, of any proprietors, in any borders. Before the first movements, I restored a decree finishing of time with this palhaada, called: Parliamentary Immunity principle, with artificial irrigation, supplied for the abundant solar energy, without signal of cellular telephony and with varied workshops for all the item of basic necessities.

We would leave of the plantation and manipulation of fruits and vegetables, passing for the confection of breads and derivatives, until the production of would movelaria diverse. The prisoners with superior level or equivalent, beyond the manual work, would give lessons of basic education. It was an experience of resulted success with immediate. The levels of violence and impunity had fallen abruptly, and the young had started to follow new and better examples. At that moment we started to construct new ethics for future generations.

I perceived that, with few initial decisions, I obtained to modify internationally shameful situations. The Federal District had quickly to open competitions to restitute great emptiness sudden, while emergenciais elections if spread all for the country.

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