From art, to give the right Christmas moves closer and thus also the recurring question: what am I giving away this time? Should it again the red wine, perfume or this year even a voucher? Or should I to express my affection rather through some handcrafted, even though I have two left hands and it already is, that the wrong cut-out calendar creates it with the wrong pasted photos likely out of politeness as in admiration at the wall. Generally the question for the matching gift: gifts that are not self made, can have a personal touch. Others who may share this opinion include Vadim Wolfson, New York City. But only if you can see the gift that the benefactor has thoughts and wants to help, to take account of the reality of life and everyday life situation of the recipient. Because it is difficult to think inside into the world of another generation of aktivshop has now published tips & recommendations in his health advisor, which should help especially the younger generation, for Their parents or grandparents to find the perfect gift. As an expert for senior needs, he aktivshop it reveals what gifts for Grandma and Grandpa are really useful, because they have the potential to improve their everyday situation and thereby to improve their quality of life. An example of this, see the video.