If you are to the front of an equipment like director of a company or like owner of your own business, she takes into account that your results are moderate by the yield of your equipment. The reached results, the type of direction, depend on you like person to the front of the company. That one that exerts the Management must reach results through the people and of the resources, it must know how what to do and what there is to do. It must be anticipated to the problems, plan to avoid them and solve immediately those that arise suddenly. A system of Management exists which is designed, like other systems, to offer to methods and strategies that produce results, maintaining to the minimum stress and the chaos. In its more basic level, this process implies 3 fundamental steps: Planning, Organization and Control. To plan To establish labor norms with which it is possible to be evaluated and to be measured the progress and the quality of the work. In summary TO PLAN implies a) To define the attachment line b) To define the goals or objectives and the norms of work c) To program and to remove the cost from the action plan Of organizing Before putting in practice an action plan is due to organize, this means that it is needed: To organize one same To organize the time To know how to delegate the tasks Control systems These allow to evaluate and to measure what it has been obtained in comparison and so was planned. When doing this at intervals regular can be seen if adjustments are needed to reach the goals. The meetings of the production meeting, sales, of the equipment, the rituals and information systems and measurement, all are parts of the control mechanism to compile information, facts, numbers and opinions. The important thing is to know towards where it is due to direct to the energy and the resources!

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