Opportunity and Crisis

Today I want to share with you text of Albert Einstein that finds at the end of my reflection, I relate that it to the crisis that is living the world at the moment, although at the same time has to do with many crises that we lived on a daily basis in our lives. Somehow all we have participation in these social and personal crises and must look for the way to solve them and to journey them. They notice that this position grants to us to be able. From the victim position, we lived the circumstances like a divine punishment. We are in discord but we held what it touches to us, we remain in a zone of comfort and paralysis. Which is the benefit that we won of this position? The feeling us innocent, because we can " zafar" (to remove faults to us of above), because we culpabilizamos to something external (person, country, etc.). Which is the price that we paid from this position? The expectadores simple impotence and the being than it happens. We see the problem from outside while we felt that we cannot do nothing because we are convinced that the problem is outside, external! Some conversations that are listened to or think from this position are " I am I grasped " " The situation is every time worse and we cannot do nada" " Alive wishing, waiting for " (hopefully, would like, I hope I, desire) " The others are guilty " " I AM the RESULT THAN AFUERA&quot HAPPENS; Although often if we are victims than it happens, to remain endless in this pessimistic emotion what causes is that we settle in a constant mood of resignation without possibility some of change. " Respondemos" of reactive way, reacting to external stimuli, hoping that outside &quot passes something; mgico" that we change to our situation just to be able to do something.

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