Combine discipline and passion in high doses. Discipline, enables us to meet what we should do, even though we have no desire or not is to our liking. Some people have apathy and in some cases aversion to get up early, but thanks to his discipline met their commitments in the first hours of the day. Discipline is necessary to do what needs to be done regardless of other considerations. Passion, on the other hand enables us to develop the talent with the advantage that while working or studying, feels the delight of doing so without desires, without impatience and, most importantly, with the conviction that each deployed activity can transform the world. Maintain a good network of relationships with classmates.

The companions are not casual characters or strange in our lives. On the contrary, having them is an invaluable advantage because they are our allies in order to reach the nearby goals and those of the near future. A good network of relations leads us to give and receive the necessary help at the moment that more is needed and must endure beyond the completion of the studies because it consists of a heritage to life. Relationships which are made during the time of studies are for all the life and often constitute an important support sometime in the future. Certain studies realize how the achievement of employment depends on a good training, but also the network of relationships you have. Having good relationships is equivalent to be connected with the opportunities that each person can give us or help us achieve. Never miss school. You can tell wonders about the utility of the notes of the companions and the explanations offered by these, can have the teacher’s voice through a simple recording and still have the memories of all the themes through one or several files recorded onto the USB flash drive but nothing replaces the explanation of the Professor and the timely explanation he can provide us when there are doubts.

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