Once again, an innovative idea from the House raffle Karibik.com! With lucky ticket to selling its holiday vouchers to stimulate has which in itself is no novelty, but on House Raffles has found application have never come up with the House Lottery Caribbean again something special,. The “subscription action” was launched under the motto “vacation extend and increase chances of”. The background for this unique action are pretty much easier. As is well worth a trip to the Caribbean from 1 week stay and for multiple certificates are required, it is only logical that so many vouchers must be purchased as possible so that it will be profitable for your Caribbean holiday. But not everyone has just a few hundred dollars left, which he can spend along the way. So the burden from the voucher purchase but not at once hit record there is now the possibility to distribute the load to several months. And the best part is, this loyalty is at the end once again with a “free voucher with Gluckslos” rewarded. For example, each Month between October 2010 and January 2011 a “voucher with Gluckslos” purchase plus free Los at the end = 5 holiday vouchers with Gluckslos.

This increases the chance to the main profit on better than 1:1000 and the tantalising Caribbean vacations even on better than 1:100. Opportunities that can be found anywhere again so quickly are really something. When one looks to the chance of winning by 1:140 million in the lottery, then the House Lottery Caribbean is worth more than just a closer look. You can see how happy can look a winner, the winning video from the first House raffle in Caribbean, here is the video.