On The Use Of Flash-animation

Relatively new animation on Web pages was seen as a small miracle. The maximum that could be seen – a few images in varying file formats gif. But with the advent of web technology Flash situation has changed – many sites have appeared rather complex moving images, sometimes not inferior in quality to traditional animation. Developers of all sites often have to use this technology, and Flash-pieces became more complex. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dara Khosrowshahi. Animation varied depending on user actions, executed various predefined scenarios. Additional development, Flash technology has to include support for it in almost all modern browsers. Currently, a lot of designers do not imagine a modern web site without the use of Flash, and, unfortunately, is often forgotten about the negative consequences of using animation.

Quite often, the animation makes users more negative emotions than positive ones, and there are several explanations. Firstly, the dominance of advertising on television makes many people sharply negative attitude towards advertising of any kind, Flash-movies are very similar to television advertising. Often, negative emotions arise unconsciously, people simply leave the site, has placed a lot of animation, not even thinking, why he does it. In addition, often in an effort to attract the attention of the user, the creators of advertising Flash-savers become reasonable boundaries. Sometimes ads appear on top of the page content, and remove it quite difficult, because the button for closure is located in the wrong place and the image itself is moving on the monitor screen. Of course, the user's attention is drawn, but his emotions are dramatically negative.

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