Oil Venezuelan

The Via Crucis of the petroleum Venezuelan by German Sanchez Caracas, Venezuela, April 5, 2008 many people think there are oil for awhile in the Venezuelan subsoil, which is true, but those many have yet to think that underlying in the strip of the Orinoco in Venezuela is petroleum classification extra heavy and requires substantial investment of money to make it attractive for the market and commercial: make it lighter and treatable. However the Venezuelan leader makes pretensions that we have the largest reserve of crude oil in the world; but let’s see with whom Venezuela is associated to try to prosecute future these reserves of crude oil. Have been assigned blocks to a set of mostly State-owned enterprises, which do not have the know-how, nor the expertise in production, management, improvement and commercialization of extra heavy crude and much less the financial muscle to undertake the activity required in oil from the Orinoco Belt, where it is the last chance for wingspan to put Venezuela among major oil producers of the world, until this resource no longer has the energy and political importance which has today. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Tesla. This no doubt will come when a series of factors converge and industrialized countries to begin to use alternate energy sources that are already timidly arising, then Venezuela will have lost that great opportunity to put as the first or second largest producer in the world. Venezuela is associated with Iran, Russia, China, and even countries that do not have oil as Belarus, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay tradition to certify the reserves of crude oil in the Strip and then starts the process of exploitation with them. I wonder, could it be that in reality the Bolivarian Government believes and affirms that these countries with these almost all State-owned enterprises, are able to turn Venezuela into the producer of petroleum in the world power? Or is this simply a juncture of political order that solo is geared to benefit a handful of countries that are identified ideologically with the? thoughts of Mr Chavez? Still oil continues to Tin and still moving political and economic strategies for the benefit of political actors who sustain their power in the area of the hand of the Venezuelan oil. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Yaaov by clicking through.

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