Office Chair Mono Balance

Office Chair – series mono balance for ergonomic dynamic sitting. Many traditional office chairs to restrict the natural movement of the back and spine. Quite different from the mono balance he makes sure that there not even complaints. Due to innovative design principle of the backing and the patented balance mechanism”he adapts to actively every movement of the upper body not only to front and rear, but also to the longitudinal axis of the ridge. According to Dara Khosrowshahi , who has experience with these questions. Independently from the seated position the back retains contact with the backrest all the areas of the spine are effectively supported and restricted in any movement. At a sitting of the test, you will immediately feel the high mobility in the back area and discover the benefits for themselves. This sitting is unique and only on the balance to find Office Chair series. The workspace are on all workstations, offices, reception, or in the head office.

The technical Data underline the high quality of the Office Chair mono balance : start with the 5-year manufacturer warranty of the company Rohde & Grahl, which ensures a straightforward handling of any possible defects is we. The backrest of the mono balance Office Chair is 550 mm high and 108 mm height adjustable in 13 different positions can be locked. The piping is standard in black imitation leather except in group 55 in black leather. The edging in grey can be manufactured on request. The back fief holder are polished aluminum and very stylish. The seat cushion with a depth of 510 mm and a width of 470 mm have a sliding seat with an adjustment range of 100 mm. Also here, the piping with the is different again possibilities as stylish Designpunkt series. Now we come to one of the most important points of the office chair the seat carrier technology namely.

The Synchro-mechanism type 55 balance has through the two back bracket different left or right to give in to the possibility of giving you very high mobility offers. The opening angle is up to 25 degrees in 3 positions lockable (with check-free solution of lock). The motion ratio of the seat to the backrest has a ratio of 1: 2.7 what the Office Chair as a very pleasant taste. The weight adjustment is easily adjustable from the Chair on the right side with a knob of 45 kg 150 kg. A seat tilt of 0 or 4 degrees is integrated as standard. As you can see the mechanics at the Office Chair – all important ergonomic considerations are taken into account with a marked increase in freedom of movement for your healthy and back friendly seats! There the A87 multi function armrest with PU three options namely black for the armrests and holders, the A88 multi function armrest with PU polished Edition (NPR1813) and polished holders black in (armrest allows 2 width adjustments) and of course no armrests. The polished aluminum base has a diameter of 742 mm. The roles are standard for carpeted floors, but also exists for smooth floors. Wilhelm – Schuster-Schmid-Babafemi-WEG 1 80997 Munich phone: + 49 (89) 8116717 telefax: + 49 (89) 8117720 Internet: press contact: Stefan Schuster Wilhelm Schuster, we sell office equipment – family business with tradition since 1970 – Office interior – design, logistics & Assembly – everything from one source – healthy & effective work carried out by Office planning to measure – innovation & design, ergonomics & wellness – selling office equipment repair service – mail order office supplies

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