Nicholas Pear

Inside of this description-economic context and to the excellent conditions for creation of a commercial warehouse, the creation of a city was necessary. Please visit Dara Khosrowshahi if you seek more information. Thus, into 15 of January of 1833, then the clientele of ours lady of Mercy of Iguass, main town of the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one, if transformed into just the bred Iguau Village. Its creation occurred from the decree signed for the regent Nicholas Pear tree De Campos Jackstay, on behalf of Emperor Dom Peter II. The new city was formed for the Clienteles of Ours Lady of the Mercy of the Iguau, that was defined as capital of the city, Saint Antonio de Jacutinga, Ours Lady of the Pillar, Is Joo de Meriti and Ours Lady of the Conceio of the Marapicu (PEAR TREE, 1970). Initially, the clientele of Ours Lady of the Inhomirim also would be part, however the inhabitants of this district had not accepted the incorporation, especially due to distance. The total area of the Iguau Village was, at the time of its creation, of 1.305, 47 km2. In the headquarters, it had one quarter with an attached chain, the chamber of councilmen, frum, commercial houses and about one hundred houses. In its fluvial ports merchandises in direction to Rio De Janeiro were embarked.

The population, in 1879, was esteem in 21.703 people, being 7,622 slaves (TOWERS, 2004). Although the great progress in its first years of administrative independence the Iguau Village started to enter in decay in the second half of century XIX. Some factors had been determinative, amongst them the pavement of the road of the commerce in 1837, that it sped up the flow of merchandises through the Iguau port, whose structure already did not allow plus such intensity, the strong competition with the port Star, that it sped up its commercial flow in function of the pavement of the way of the Inhomirim and the construction of the Road Union and Industry, beyond the assoreamento of the river Iguau, that contributed for pssimas navigation conditions and the consequence fall of importance of the port of Iguau.

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