Network Marketing

The Network Marketing is a great business opportunity and is delivering excellent results to millions of people around the world. Successful entrepreneurs, famous millionaires, eminent professionals are joining Network Marketing lines of the hand of the largest companies operating under this business model and efficient procurement of residual income and royalties. Thousands of them are creating small fortunes from their own home, others are making extra income for life and to increase their income without neglecting their business, secure their finances to the increasingly fragile labor market, prepare their retirement years and not depend only a poor retirement. It is also known by other names such as Multilevel Marketing, MLM, network marketing or network marketing. Through this system of sales companies distribute their products or services directly to consumers through a network of independent distributors who, in turn, are recruited by other distributors. The system is very efficient since, for example, avoid the costs of advertising and intermediaries, in some cases as the advertising occurs naturally on the recommendation (word of mouth) and through observation of the benefits of product use.

In other cases where it is Web services, automated systems are used where special independent representative only performs a simple 100% work promoting the Internet and practically do not have to talk to anyone. A voicemail system and art sales letters is responsible for recruiting and signing new distributors. Are avoided dozens of brokers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, product or service comes directly from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer through independent distributor. Take a very simple and effective concept called duplication whereby each distributor recruits new vendors when he teaches the characteristics of products, ways of selling and techniques for recruiting new distributors under its sponsorship. The interesting thing This system of duplication is that if done properly, a person to incorporate only one new distributor per month to the system, you can create an organization of 4,096 people a year. The first dealer twelve recruits a year, the new recruit a month too, which in turn do it again, thus arriving at the amount indicated above. Of course this does not happen so in reality, the ability to “duplication is never perfect so some are still recruiting distributors, others never begin, others recruit a lot more than a month, etc., But they still are can understand that after a year the amount of dealers under a single person becomes very large. And best of all, the first distributor earns commissions not only sells products but also commissions and royalties on sales of its dealer network.

This is what makes it an excellent opportunity to make money. For more information see Mike Gianoni. Unlike traditional business model where the profit is obtained only corresponds to the difference between price purchase and sale of products not receiving any more money after the sale. The MLM is a smart way to sell and consume, you consume, consume, and all other revenues generated in the MLM is RECOMMEND keyword does not sell. It may begin as a provider of Network Marketing company with a very small investment compared to traditional investments from other ventures, this investment is usually in the order of U $ S 100 to U $ S 1000 depending on the company. The following from our point of view is the fastest growing company in recent years in the Network Marketing world and as many partners are reporting.

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