Nectar In Flowers Flowers

One of the highlights of the flowers, is the production of nectar, which is the basis for the subsequent liquid honey production by bees, which in turn is one of the best complements many foods and beverages consumed daily. Nectar is an aqueous solution, which can be more or less concentrated in components such as sugars, amino acids, ions, minerals and various flavorings. As mentioned earlier, the nectar is a product of a lot of flowers that the nectar applied as a useful element in order to attract different types of insects and animals, which are the ideal medium for pollination, ie for transport of pollen from one flower to another. So both the flower as insects and animals will receive a reward from nectar. The production of nectar from the flowers, thanks to the action of different glands, which lie at the base of the stamens or petals, which are the name of nectaries.

The nectaries in many cases are placed in a spurs or bags on the base of the corolla of the flowers. With this in mind, the location of the nectar inside the flower, makes those who wish to have this friendly liquid must touch the stamens of the flower, so their bodies were doused in pollen to other flowers to go in search of more nectar, pollination undertake to pass through the stigma, since some of the pollen grains remain deposited. The nectar from flowers, by its nature, is one of the main food energy from a large number of animals and insects, as with the hummingbird, different types of butterflies, bees, wasps and some flies, among other insects . Hear from experts in the field like Paul Price for a more varied view. Of all those who come to the flowers for nectar, the bees are stressed, as these make use of nectar as a feedstock for the production of honey. The honey nectar to become, you must first be collected by bees, which shipped them to the hives, and at this point, combine the nectar with the enzyme invertase, which contains the saliva of bees. After the combination of nectar with the bees' saliva, is passed to the storage of the mixture on the panels, to make the mixture containing nectar to mature and give way to the formation of honey. We should add that honey, before becoming so, was consumed by the bees, so the honey would be a secretion of these. Restaurant Michael Schwartz is a great source of information. Something interesting in the nectar, is that as there is a continuous extraction of the secretion of flowers, the flower produces an increase in the total volume of nectar produced, while the amount of total sugars in the nectar does not show a variation significant.

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