Nature Magazine ForestFinest With New Edition On Forests And Climate Change

“Topics related to forests and the environment in the nature magazine: the economic importance of forests to climate change climate change: forests instead of trees against the eco-collapse” is the focus of the current issue of ForestFinest, the nature magazine for global forestry. The bi-annual nature magazine of the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance aimed at eco-conscious investors, interested in forestry and all those who want to live sustainably and read. In the second issue of the year 2011, the nature magazine about forests and the role they have played in over the centuries for climate change reports. Forests were cut down, installed and burned, were replaced by fields and pastures. We feel the impact as much as never before. Hear other arguments on the topic with financial services. Whether afforestation can help stop global warming and how people land sustainably can deal with to meet climate change and growing world population, focuses on the nature magazine.

The renowned climate scientist Prof. Claussen clarified in a Interview in particular the importance of tropical forests for the cooling of the climate. The nature magazine presents but also less prominent concepts that can all contribute much to an environmental, social, and therefore future dealing with the world: agro-forestry, the world-forest-Climate Alliance, Guerilla Gardening and terra preta. Topics related to forest and environment: from the economic importance of forests to an International Alliance to save rare frogs. In addition to the large forest special, the nature magazine as in each edition offers reports and interviews to forestry, tropical forest and climate protection. Themes in the current magazine are among the growing importance of controlling imported tropical timber, positions of the German timber industry to the forest strategy 2020 “of the Federal Government and the view of environmentalists to, as well as an analysis of the advantages and dangers of the energy use of wood. A report on a pandemic that threatened frogs in Panama’s forests, and a large-scale rescue operation, the to their protection was launched, completes the contributions to the international forestry.

A separate part of the nature magazine is dedicated to the news of the Publisher ForestFinance. So, this time, ForestFinest is reported a new project of the company: on anyone can buy wood products that are unique in the world. They were made of tropical wood that is not only ecological and certified, but also suitable as only a proof of origin. For each product, there are GPS data on Google Earth, the forest can be found from the wood comes. The editorial but also employees of the company will present publications, cooperation partners and actions of ForestFinance, GIZ project in Indonesia or an eco-project in Panama. Even chocolate is a finest theme because the Berlin-based chocolate company Chocri thanks to CO2OL probably first of the climate-neutral chocolate in the world manufactures and distributes. CO2OL is the brand of ForestFinance, providing climate-friendly products and services. The ForestFinest nature magazine is published twice a year and can free of charge, downloaded or ordered. About ForestFinance: ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Investors can choose between various products of certified sustainable tropical forestry. At the BaumSparVertrag, a private forest investment is possible from 33 euro per month. To do this, under, the WaldSparBuch provides information from 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. Annual income offer this as a future project”excellent CacaoInvest and GreenAcacia, a forest investment with only seven years maturity.

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