Musical ShowBusiness

Musical show business, why do not we listen to what we like Article 6 of the series 'creation of new songs and music' The author – Vladimir Shablya – Why do we listen to music? Now let's slightly different, consumer, narrow-minded position look at the question of whether and why we listen to music? We listen to music for emotional satisfaction. And for each person in different situations, this moral satisfaction will be to obtain different emotions. Easy, relaxing, fun, romantic music a rest – to rest hard workers a few examples. The first is probably the most widespread and numerous. Plodder after heavy stress working day, tired, comes home, lays on the couch, turns on the TV. The main thing he wanted – a holiday.

And in this situation would be very appropriate light, soothing, fun, romantic resting music. Hysterically, tearing the soul and at the same time beautiful, ornate and dazzling song – unrequited love for the second example. Too typical, but less frequent. A man in love with their ears, but the object of his affections is not reciprocates, ignores any attempts at rapprochement. So a person is upset, ready to go to any, even the most extreme measures to make it happen. What kind of music he likes to be in this situation? Of course, hysterically, tearing the soul and at the same time beautiful, ornate and dazzling. Show business: the air – song and music, most favorite! Now imagine that you – the representative of show business, earning the sale of music and song.

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