Elevators and escalators are an integral part of business continuity, efficient and cost effective movement of passengers inside an office building and out of it, as well as between floors. Years of experience enables the company KONE satisfy all the requests of its customers. KONE solutions and held by multi-stage research on bandwidth management allows customers to select the type and number of lifts, depending on the size of the building and traffic patterns. In addition, KONE office solutions range includes features such as setting decorated cabins that provide "openness" of working space and safety. Elevators play a crucial role in creating the unique atmosphere of shopping, we are familiar with and which enjoy today.

Elevators provide easy access to buyers, both on the upper floors of buildings, and the level of underground parking. Lifts give to small children, elderly, sick and incapacitated people to get into premises in which they had previously been "closed" access. Elevators and escalators are an integral part of the smooth, efficient and cost effective movement of passengers into and out of the building and between floors. Lift KONE solutions for shopping centers often are based on a platform that is ideal for the movement of passengers in the buildings of low and medium height. Freight elevators KONE MonoSpace designed to transport goods and materials in all parts of the building. These elevators serving passengers in places such as supermarkets, department stores, passenger terminals, hospitals and wholesalers.

Elevators KONE – the perfect solution to transportation centers, requiring the installation of innovative, reliable, compact and energy-efficient elevators. In transit centers around the world escalators, passenger conveyors and elevators are the main factor which ensures that passengers will have time on your plane, train or bus, and ensuring fast, smooth, convenient and safe movement of passengers in the building. The more complex the building, the more difficult to ensure the timely movement of passengers and luggage on the train plane, bus and in the opposite direction. Escalators, passenger conveyors and elevators, capable of working around the clock seven days a week, are essential to solving these problems. The equipment should meet the needs of service transit centers and government public transport. In addition, it must be cost effective to cut costs espluatatsionnye during its entire life. Equipment should be quiet, safe and environmentally friendly, and certainly will enhance the comfort of passengers. Availability of equipment allows us to minimize downtime, and an attractive universal design enhances the prestige of the building even after a few years after installation. KONE elevators are reliable, cost-effective and easy to modify, and they meet the requirements of the building owner and end users.

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