Money Tree

One of the areas responsible for wealth, it is recommended to arrange such a way that you love money and will never disappear from your wallet. The most ancient symbol wealth and prosperity is a Chinese coin with a square hole in the middle. You can put the coins into the fountain, located in the area of wealth, or decorate them 'Money Tree', which is also called "Tree of Happiness." Place in this zone, any interior and things associated with your wealth and prosperity. They say if you put a coin in the Chinese purse, the money you will love. But volshba volshboy, and I advise you to use available to all universal ways of communicating with the money that commandment not to create idols, do not pray for hard cash, part with their money with a light heart, in time to return the debts and do not use the money to the detriment of their neighbors. And also, if you happen to get rich, do not be greed, believing their love "doubloons," like the miserly knight Pushkin, and be able to share. After all, first of all the money we need not only for acquisition of the benefits of civilization, to satisfy their whims, living wage, but for the fact that to be able to give joy to the families and loved ones, help those in need and remember – money is like everything else in this world – are relative. Today they are and worthless tomorrow, today you are standing with them at the helm, and the next day thinking how to buy bread.

In addition, money is like a litmus test, teach us to understand people. At the time of contact with notes man shows the true mask. If these weaknesses notice foe, he may seize them and to substitute one "bandwagon." Yes, and folk wisdom teaches: if you want to lose a friend, lend him money. Perhaps, in light of the foregoing, it can be concluded that the money is causing a storm of passion and ebullient emotions got some astral entity who loves to flirt with people, provoking the conflicts or who awards mercy from his master's shoulder. Summing up I want to say – let the lust for money rules the world, and holds sway over the minds of some narrow-minded, but Homo sapiens should be treated with a share of contemplation and in any case not spend their lives on sotsnakopleniya. Treat them with respect and easily give in to their mystical powers, and may they always be with you, in joy and in sorrow, helping to build a career and amass wealth.

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