Mobile Applications

Brochure containing practical information: the trend towards automation is unbroken for mobile applications, i.e. Lakshman Achuthan has many thoughts on the issue. more sensors must work reliably signals for the controls in more technology-hostile conditions. This determines the selection of a suitable sensor by the respective measurement task. For even more opinions, read materials from John Grayken. Novotechnik provides in the new flyer displacement and angle measurement in mobile applications here to facilitate the selection of the user,”before sensors of different operating principles, each with their specific characteristics and the resulting fields. The range of potentiometric and contactless sensors for the angle and path determination about Rod sensors for direct installation in the pressure range of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and to inductive displacement sensors, which can be easily at constant velocity or steering cylinders with through piston rod build at. Customized solutions, specially modified with regard to the respective application are the standard products. Depending on the technology and execution are be described displacement and angle sensors for temperature ranges from-55 C to + 140 C and up to protection class IP69 requirements. Many series are also redundant and available up to SIL3. Decades of experience as a supplier to the automotive industry shows specifically for security applications. The four-sided, color illustrated, and well-structured brochure in the DIN A4 format available in English and German; She can be ordered directly from Novotechnik) and is delivered free of charge to interested parties.

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