Bred, who as you can. Change controller or petrol pump. At least a thousand to 3 and all satisfied with both the client and diagnostician. So vpryskovy car assembly plant as carburetor, ie no wait, if you want, make second pause between the position is included and the key to start. Another note, if refused starter then the machine can start with a pusher. Argued that make this impossible. Possible.

Nothing bad from it will not. The people here in Russia unique. Nor, I think this debate will not be won Zadornov much written on this theme. I'm also a little touch on it. The essence of the word diagnosis – is the identification, definition (in our case, the fault in the engine with electronic control system), many of the same by the word implies – prevention. arrives client and said I should be diagnosed and then the machine has 10000km passed. That such clients diagnosticians simply adore, if he honestly say that man does not climb into the car did not stop her work, he would be offended, but the diagnosis still will be held elsewhere. So just connect the motor tester and start to go over the ears.

One of the options: – oh, how you arrived on time. Yes, you have mass airflow sensor is barely alive. It is desirable to change, and then I look at consumption Fuel is already above the norm. – So perhaps the client consents. – Well's see your sensor. I knew it, see what it says. top in large letters at the bottom of a small Bosch made in Russia. sensor placed in our money you know what. I have these sensors made in Germany. (Here diagnostician gets washed and packed in its original packaging sensor that before it was withdrawn from another machine with the same client) removes the mass flow sensor air and casually throws it in the trash. (When a customer will leave the probe out of garbage into a new) and new places to place. – Well, now all the parameters are normal, you can still 10,000 to go quietly. The customer is satisfied diagnostician, too. Draw conclusions Gentlemen! Do not be lohami. Diagnosticians also make conclusions! Suckers at all enough.